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Who we are:

Our sister web site and internet information portal PleaseRemainSeated.com was opened in October of 1999 as Stocks Canada, when there was a need for Canadian stock trading information. We soon started selling investment books through our first association with Chapters Canada. Pretty soon we received requests for a more complete shopping and internet portal. We added news, sports, entertainment, weather, games and other information pages. We continued to develop our association with other online shopping merchants in Canada, the USA and the UK until we became a major internet crossroads for people seeking a central online shopping directory.

PleaseRemainSeated.com continues to grow, but we needed to concentrate on and develop the online shopping directory, so we decided to start a brand new web site as a pure online international shopping directory. Testing of Discount-Online-Shopping.com began in December of 2002 and we went live in January 2003. Many more shopping links will be added over the next few months. Please stay tuned!

We have USA, UK and Canadian online shopping pages at the moment and hope to add other countries in the near future. Our stores are safe and secure, and we stock hundreds of brand name items through our affiliation with Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Canadian Tire, Barnes and Noble, Brooks Brothers, eBay, GAP, Chapters Indigo Canada, Currys UK, PCworld UK, Vstores and many more.

Discount-Online-Shopping.com is owned, designed and maintained by Alan Seymour.
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